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Parish Council Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen 1894-2011
Parish Councillors 1894-2011 by Year
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At present, early May 2012, the Parish Council records are available for the period 1894-1930 and 1949-1992; the records for the period 1930-1949 are currently unavailable and it is not known whether or not these will be available at a later date.

Typing these Minutes from the original scripts into Excel spread sheets has taken much longer than initially envisaged. The 1894-1909 Minutes have been transcribed and a few more years up to 1920, these are available on this website (see below). In view of the time required to transcribe the 1920 to 1992 records it was agreed that the records for this period would be retained as hard copies and filed in ring binders.

These minutes were transcribed by June Marsden & Barbara Taylor

1894-1909 Council Minutes

1914 Council Minutes

1915 Council Minutes

1916 Council Minutes

1918 Council Minutes

1919 Council Minutes

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