Panel Response 3

Posted on the website 20 May 2009

1 Audit Panel Barry Hallam (Chairman), Linda Polley, Shirley Hetherington

2 Introduction

Barry Hallam thanked Ian Pearce for the third report dated13th February 2009 and this would be used as the basis of the review. The panel met with Ian Pearce, Dave Taylor and Ken Taylor for this audit to ensure the project was achieving its objectives and complied with the criteria agreed with the Heritage Lottery Fund.

3 Conclusions from discussions.

3.1 Items raised at the second audit had been addressed .The project was making good progress, finances were still under control and there had been a healthy interest during the winter period. Data from different sources and information from some individuals using their own initiative was helping to form a bigger picture when put together.

3.2 Backup arrangements by individuals (e.g. use of fob) before the monthly linking to the main computer still needed further discussion and the group would address need, frequency and procedures to reduce the risk of losing valuable data.

3.3 A high level of interest and commitment continues. The wikidot .com site is doing well. It is a good working tool for the group but does have some limitations. It was agreed to investigate what was required to add a counter so the level of site access could be measured. The historic-cleveland site had limited success but could be more useful towards the end of the project. A strategy would be developed.

3.4 The 5th newsletter had been issued in January 2009 to those who had shown an interest in the project. There was scope to improve the content giving more visual impact.

3.5 The timetable for 2009, an update on issues and a review of research topics would be provided for the next audit. The original plan was for 5 years but cut back to 4 and consideration should be given to the benefits of a longer schedule.

3.6 It was agreed the next audit would cover a review of finances including how accounts and money are managed. It would address sources and phasing of income.

Auditors B. Hallam L .Polley S. Hetherington

16th March 2009

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