Panel Response 1

Posted on the website 20 May 2009

1 Audit Panel

Barry Hallam (Chairman), Linda Polley, Shirley Hetherington

2 Background

The agreed remit for the audit panel is detailed in a document dated 4 July 2007 and the process summarised in an e mail sent to the panel on 21 March 2008. Each member of the panel had received an Audit Report dated 25 March 2008 with an addendum issued 15 April 2008. The audit panel met with Ian Pearce, Dan O’Sullivan, David W Taylor and Robert de Wardt on 30 April 2008. This meeting was to discuss the report and project in more detail to ensure it was achieving its objectives and complied with the criteria agreed with the Heritage Lottery Fund. (HLF).

3 Conclusions

3.1 Overall the plans and progress are consistent with those presented to the HLF. There is a measurable success of people involvement and a good range of topics. Failure to obtain funding from North Yorkshire County Council has not affected progress and has been underwritten from elsewhere. Expenditure is within budget and plan.

3.2 The idea to adopt a digital archiving system under development by a group of North Yorkshire CAPs was abandoned. This was because it would not be available in time and may not meet the specific needs so the group decided to design their own. At the end of the first six months the design was nearing completion and was about to be supplemented by purchase of the proprietary “Portfolio” digital management software. This is an area the audit panel should review in some detail at the next audit.

3.3 A process needs to be introduced to control any hardware purchased especially computers. Insurance arrangements to be checked for adequacy of cover.

3.4 Membership has increased over the last six years and there is strong support for the current project but the team should look to the future and consider how they can sustain such a level of growing interest as the project develops.

3.5 Currently each group is represented by someone at the two week meetings which provides some cross fertilisation. The project team can consider how to maximise this benefit to keep interest and communicate e.g. the newsletter, wiki site or other ideas. The panel should hear more about developments at the next audit.

3.6 Records. Visits to Northallerton are well supported and the findings from this research can stimulate other groups. The challenge for the future will be sorting and presenting the data to ensure the work is not lost and it is as user friendly as possible.

Auditors B. Hallam L .Polley S. Hetherington

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