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The following are reports of the Petty Sessions held November 1842 – September 1844 . These were Courts of summary jurisdiction held by two or more Justices of the Peace

5.11. 1842
At Stokesley Sir William Foulise JP. Sent Wm. Johnson of Bolton in Lancs, boilermaker, and John Jones of the Co. of Salop, collier to the House of Correction in Northallerton for one months hard labour for vagrancy.

Sir Wm. Foulis sent Thomas Thompson of Market Weighton and George Hewitt of Swinefleet both in the Co. of East Yorkshire to Northallerton House of Correction. Ten days hard labour for vagrancy.

George Buckle of Leeds, dyer, committed to Northallerton by Sir Wm. Foulis. Hard labour for vagrancy.

Elizabeth Stockdale appeared before JP’s Sir Wm. Foulis, Col. Hildyard & Wm. Mauleverer Esq. at Petty Sessions charged with assault by Thomas Smailes. Fined five shillings and costs.

Rbt. Williamson, Samuel Lee and Wm. Spotswood were committed for ten days with hard labour for vagrancy.

John Scott of Margate, John Little of Aycliffe in the County of Durham, convicted of begging alms in Marton. Sentenced to one months hard labour in Northallerton House of Correction by Lieutenant Colonel Hildyard JP.

William Fidler, miller was brought before JP’s Col. Hildyard, Edmund Turton and William Mauleverer Esq’s in answer to a complaint from Mr. John Slater Pratt, Inspector of Weights & Measures, of having forcibly prevented him from siezing a pair of scales in the flour mill of Thomas Fidler. The scales being 21/2 oz deficient. Fined £2 and costs.

Elizabeth Pennington, Innkeeper charged with having a pint measure deficient according to the Standard of the Exchequer. Fined 6d and costs.

William Cass, Innkeeper was fined 6d and costs for having a quart measure deficient.

Charles Clarke, shoemaker was charged by Robert Appleton, Police Officer with having violently assaulted and beaten him on Sunday 20th of November. Fined 7/6 and costs.

William Clarke of Great Broughton, shoemaker was charged by Rbt Anderson, policeman,
of being drunk and disorderly in Stokesley on Sunday 20th November. Fined 5/0 and costs.

Stephen Faecett of Picton, labourer, was charged by Edmund Charles Gernon, police officer and Robert Souter, gamekeeper, of trespass in daytime in pursuit of game on a farm belonging to Mrs. Tasburgh, occupied by Mr. William Hill of Crathorne. Fined £2 and costs.

17.12. 1842
William Johnson of Beverly, labourer before JP. Col. Hildyard by E.C.Gernon, policeofficer was charged with being a rogue and vagabond. Sent to Northallerton House of Correction for one months hard labour.

Joseph Fidler was brought before JP’s Col. Hildyard, William Mauleverer and Edmund Turton Esq’s. charged by Robrt Appleton Police Officer with being drunk on Saturday 10th December. Fined 5/0 and costs.

John Norval of Kirkleavington, gent. Was charged by E.C.Gernon policeman with trespass in daytime in pursuit of game. Fined £2 and costs.

John Biggins of Stokesley was chrged before JP. Col. Hildyard with having stolen on the 27th Feb. 6 bottle jars the property of R.C.Farrow. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months hard labour.

John Sexton of Great Ayton was sent to Northallerton Azzizes (Quarter Sessions) for stealing some iron from the shop of Mary Anne Harrison of Easby.

Alexander Robinson was convicted before JP. Foulis Esq. of vagrancy in Marton. Sent to the House of Correction for one month with Hard Labour.

At Stokesley Petty Sessions before Jp’s Foulis and Turton Esq,s Jane Maston was charged with absenting herself from her employers, James Kitching of Whorlton Castle. No sentence recorded in the newspaper.

Margaret Hutton late of Marton, singlewoman.Charged that on the 20th August wilfully caused the death of a female bastard child immeadiately after delivery. Committed to to York Castle for trial.

These were the first level of justice, equivalent to modern day Magistrates courts. They were held locally at Stokesley and Guisborough to deal with low level crime and disturbances in the area. The Justices of the Peace, usually men were from the local gentry, were not lawyers and received no training. Though records of the proceedings were kept, very few, if any have survived, certainly non for this area.

The book containing the newspapers from which theses reports have been copied is kept in the Middlesbrough Reference Library.
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