1660 (May)

From Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Leeds ; ref: YAS DD 92.

The Manor of Great Ayton
The Court Leet or view of frank pledge and Court Baron of the worshipful John Coulson Esq there holden upon Munday that is to say the 7th day of May in ye yeare of our Lord 1660 before Nicho. Pearson Steward there.

The names of the Jurors
Will Young John Young The Jurors aforesaid are sworne
John Waller Tho Richardson as well to enquire for his
Chris Richardson John Carter eldr Majestye the King of England
John Beane Will Calvert Scotland france and Ireland as for
Law Jackson Nich Richardson the Chiefe Lord of the Manor etc.
Robt Richardson James Tod
Tho Calvert

The Right Honoble George Lord Eure George marwood Esq John Mennell Gent Will Stoope Gent Tobias Humphrey Gent James Stockton Gent Thomas Rutter Thomas Unthank Thomas Bean James Shelds Chris Richardson John Richardson Michell Postgate Will Maysterman John Balmer Margaret Postgate Henry Young Will Younhg Robt Ripley Henry Leavens Robt Richardson John Carter Tho Richardson Robert Ling John Mattison Will Harrison of Hutton etc.

John Young Thomas Armstrong Will Leavons Thomas Calvert Robert Jackson [James] Tod Ann Wilson John Kearton Eliz Bartrum Will Mosse Thomas Young John Carter [Younger] Thomas Leavons Issabell Turner [Charles Calvert] Thomas Mace [Ann Maysterman] [Robt Lowson] Lawrence Jackson John Blackburne Thomas Potter Katherine Cocke Will Hewetson John Walker [Christopher Atkinson] Will Bean Tho Lyle Roger Fawcett James Todd Edward Lawrence [John Mattison] [Henry
] Richard Walker Oliver Calvert John [Eliz] Annison Hellin Atkinson Ann Simpson Henry Gray Robert Simpson Ann [John] Calvert Richard mankin Chris Young Robt Harryson Mary Harryson Thomas Tweddell

Tenants in Little Ayton
Morris Calvert Will Calvert James Fawcett Nich Richardson Thomas Watson Thomas Calvert

John Coulson Gent complaineth against Christopher Young in a plea of trespass upon the case for that the said defendant the 12th of February 1659 at Ayton within etc. In consideration that he was indebted to the plaintiff 30s. For rent did assume etc. The defendant present sayeth nothing.

Verdict by the Jury who upon their oaths presents George Marwood Esq.
For that he is a freeholder and owes suit and service to this Court &
this day hath made default is amerced therefore 4d
Thomas Unthank for the like 4
Robert Rigg
Will Maysterman
John Balmer 4
Will Harryson 4
Robt George 2
Will Mosse 2
Thomas Mayse 2
Robt Lowson 2
Thomas Calvert 2
Henry Gray 2
Richard Mankin 2
Thomas Tweddell 2
Rowland Coale of Skinggrave for breaking downe Eryholme Dike
is amerced 3s 4d
Phillipp Trattells of Skinggrave for the like offence… 3 4
John Krame of Kildayle for the like… 3 4

By me Nicholas Pearson there etc.

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