Edward Kitching School

Public Elementary, California, erected on a site given by A. E. Kitching esq. & named the Edward Kitching Council school, opened Oct. 1908, for 148 children, & enlarged by the addition of two rooms in 1915, each to accommodate 60 children; in 1921 a room for manual instruction & domestic subjects was added ; Thomas Winn, master.

Harold Martin, who attended the school when it first opened, could recall the first headmaster, John Henry Cooper, the assistants, Frank Healds and Miss Combs. The British School became used for infants only; children went to it between five to seven, moving on either to the Marwood School if they lived at the west end ol the village, or to Edward Kitching, where they attended until the age of fourteen.

The school closed in about 1967 and was replaced by the new Roseberry Primary School. The school buildings were used by an engineering firm for many years, and were demolished in 2001 to make way for houses.

Edward Kitching School Photographs

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