Death From A Hare

Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 21st October 1925

Headline : Unusual Fatality at Great Ayton

"The death took place at his residence, Marwood Cottages, Gt. Ayton, last night of injuries received in a motoring accident, of X, boot and shoe maker. Mr. ..X who was 67 years of age, had been for a walk with his friend, Mr. Y of High Street, Gt. Ayton, along the Easby Road, when a hare ran out of a field in front of them.

The two men threw their walking sticks at the hare, and in so doing X overbalanced and fell in front of a motor-car, being driven by XX of YY: receiving a fracture of the skull and compression of the brain.

Dr. Murphy and PC Z were on the scene with commendable promptitude, but X was beyond all human aid, death supervening in two hours. X was a married man with family".

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