Audit Reports

Ian D Pearce Posted on the website 20 May 2009

Project progress is reviewed every six months by an independent Audit Panel. The links below are to the remit and membership of the Audit Panel, and to the six-monthly reports presented to the panel and their resonses.

You can see the remit for the Audit Panel at Audit Panel Remit

The first audit is at Audit 1 Jul-Dec-2007 and Panel Response 1

The second audit is at Audit 2 Jan-Jun-2008 and Panel Response 2

The third audit is at Audit 3 Jul-Dec-2008 and Panel Response 3

The fourth audit is at Audit 4 Jan-Jun 2009 and Panel Response 4

The fifth audit is at Audit 5 Jul-Dec-2009 and Panel Response 5

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