1851 Census

This page contains the various versions of the Great Ayton 1851 census returns. There are four versions attached:
i) An original version as an Excel spreadsheet, transcribed by members of the 'Ayton Story' project- if you have Excel installed on your computer this file can be rearranged by ordering individual columns alphabetically, or by EDIT then SORT and then selecting appropriate columns to create the hierachy for sorting and ii) three files have been created for users who do not have Excel installed and these are rearranged alphabetically a) on 'surname' b) on 'occupation' and c) an original Excel file which has been converted to an .htm file which cannot be sorted or searched.

In these transcription files words etc which cannot be accurately read are either highlighted in red script or queries are inserted as ? marks.

To see the files attached to this page click on the 'file' entry on the list given below starting: edit tags ….

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